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General Manager:WANG ZHI CHENG(王志成)    Global Sales Director;WANG QI XUN (王奇勋)

TEL:+86 0755 88605387

Mobile:13691660692 ,13066915262 ,15889727717 ,15017638425 ,hk60638425,

E-mail;13691660692@139.com  13066915262@wo.cn  15889727717@139.com  15017638425@139.com

CO LTD 公司:深圳豫镇平五洲蒙中勋爵贸易有限公司(SZ YZP WZ M.C LORD TRADE CO LTD)                                               Address of head office 地址:CHINA guang don shenzhen LouHou.                                                                   Zip code:518000                                                                                                                Reception address:1 SHERATON HOTELS ,2 VIENNA HOTELS ,3 7DAYS INN HOTELS.                                                    


HELLO:dOES YOUR COMPANY DO CHINA'S TRADE,USED TO THE PORT WHERE THE GOODS OUT OF THE PORT,SO THAT i MAY consider giving you achoice of nearby portcargo for export.Sincere cooperation of trade, is to promote international business-there are friends fromall walks of life, the principle of mutual benefit, even if the international flow of goods, service provider,is fortune, business trade is the commodity gold,All you and I with great wealth.(SZ YZP WZ M.C LORD TRADE CO LTD )深圳豫镇平五洲蒙中勋爵贸易有限公司。((www.mclordtradeco.com .www.mclordtrade.com ))CO LTD NETWORK.  CO LTD  TRADE ; mclordtrade.com   www.lord8888.icoc.cc  www.mclordtradeco.com  www.mclordtrade.com  www.mclordtrade.com  www.mclordlove.icoc.cc   13691660692@139.com   15889727717@139.com  15017638425@139.com  13066915262@wo.cn   24; 13691660692 13066915262  15889727717  15017638425  hk60638425  86-0755-88605387  SZ YZP WZ M.C LORD TRADE CO LTD (深圳豫镇平五洲蒙中勋爵贸易有限公司)(M.C LORD 2003 photo. WANG QI XUN ).2013 Foreign trade college junior foreign trade marketing division . 2015COMPANY DIRECTOR.GlOBAL SALES.BUSINESS  CONTACT .

CO LTD WEBSITE: www.mclordtrade.com  www.mclordtradeco.com www.mclordlove.com   www.lord888888.com  www.mclordjewelry.com  CO EMAIL: MCLORDTRADE@outlook.com   13691660692@139.com 13066915262@wo.cn  15889727717@139.com  15017638425@139.com  CO PHONE: 13691660692  13066915262  15889727717  15017638425  hk60638425   +86-0755-88605387   联系人:王志成( general manager)         王奇勋 (Global Sales Director)

电 话:+86-075588605387 13691660692 13066915262 15889727717 15017638425 HK60638425

邮 箱:13691660692@139.com 13066915262@wo.cn 15889727717@139.com 15017638425@139.com

地 址:深圳((深圳豫镇平五洲蒙中勋爵贸易有限公司))((SZ YZP WZ M.C LORD TRADE CO LTD))


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