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General Manager:WANG ZHI CHENG(王志成)    Global Sales Director;WANG QI XUN (王奇勋)

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CO LTD 公司:深圳豫镇平五洲蒙中勋爵贸易有限公司(SZ YZP WZ M.C LORD TRADE CO LTD)                                               Address of head office 地址:CHINA guang don shenzhen LouHou.                                                                   Zip code:518000                                                                                                                Reception address:1 SHERATON HOTELS ,2 VIENNA HOTELS ,3 7DAYS INN HOTELS.                                                    


深圳豫镇平五洲蒙中勋爵贸易有限公司(SZ YZP WZ M.C LORD TRADE CO LTD)www.mclordtradeco.com    www.mclordtrade.com 为公司网站。HELLO:Ladies jewelry member member,hello,welcome to the jewelley trade,I am an abundant supply of various kinds of jewely, welcomed the inquiry, identifying trade delivery,Electronics ,technology products and other related trade please contact me,Regal jewelry, trade me and you, welcome you to contact their country's business friends and I trade. My company, have your desived product,you and I do trade. as long as credit to my account, and your trade delivery schedules can be,100% guaranteed to get you out of my trading company purchased product wins money,trading is my common interests with you ,About your trading method is different,it's time for international delivery methods according to you my common contract delivery.HELLO;What is your company recently and what next steps to purchase the product, please send inquiries to me ok? I'm in the trade,according to the international trade,do you delivery is a method by ehich you trade;commerce is our common good faith cooperation, with rich. development of trade business,Joint Ocean continential business friends, information bridge, qualitywin, mutual trust and cooperation, and common wealth